Competitions of Sharing Economy Model under the Internet Background

Based on Uber and Bicycle- sharing Research


2019-02-28 08:38

Yao Xun, Qiao Limeng
Journal of University of Electro

Abstract: With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the business model of the sharing economy has begun on the stage of history. After the economic crisis in 2008, the emergence of the amount of idle resources has enabled the sustainable development of sharing economy enterprises. The emergence of Uber and bicycle-sharing has changed the way people travel. The development and spread of various sharing enterprises affect peoples living habits and living modes. What are the characteristics of the sharing economy? Is there a model for successful replication that can be replicated to other industries? This paper concludes by collating and analyzing existing literature and comparing the successful operations of the two shared entities, Uber and bicycle-sharing. We find that the two major features of the sharing economy are the separation of property rights and the utilization of idle resources, as well as the characteristics of sharing organization operations, which sets a good experience for our future sharing economy development.

Key words: sharing economy, platform operating model, sharing model, platform theory

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of UESTC, 2018(12).




2019-02-28 04:41
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