Suggestions on Deepening the Reform of the Ownership and Benefit Sharing System of Intellectual Property Invention Based on the Study of Sichuan Province


2019-02-27 02:16

Li Jie, Xie Shanghua
China Invention & Patent

Abstract: The ownership of intellectual property rights and benefit sharing system of job-related inventions in Colleges and universities are important institutional factors related to the effectiveness of innovation and development. Based on the experimental reform of 20 state-owned colleges and universities in Sichuan province, this paper summarizes the experience and practice of the reform of the intellectual property ownership and benefit-sharing system of job-related inventions, analyzes the problems and difficulties existing in the process of reform and advancement, and focuses on building the brand of intellectual property reform, fault-tolerant and error-correcting mechanism, overall coordination mechanism and reform incentive mechanism. The countermeasures and suggestions for deepening the reform are put forward from six aspects, namely, the system, the precise implementation of policies and the protection of laws and regulations.

Key words: Sichuan; on-duty invention; ownership of intellectual property; benefit sharing; countermeasures and suggestions

The Chinese version appeared in China Invention & Patent, 2018(11).




2019-02-27 10:17
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