Bending over the Abyss of the Soul

From Maurice Maeterlinck to Victor Segalen


2019-02-25 01:50

Shao Nan
Fudan Journal

Abstract: The relationship between the French poet Victor Segalen and the Chinese culture has drawn attention of scholars at home and abroadwhile the influence he has received from Maeterlinck has never been notedIn factthe numerous Chinese images that Segalen referred to derived from the themes appeared in Maeterlincks workA good comprehension of Maeterlincks influence will therefore help us to understand why Segalen chose these Chinese imagesAmong Maeterlincks drama Pelléas et MélisandeSegalens workssuck asLe Fils du Ciel and René Leys, this essay chooses to focus on the evolutionary representation of the abyssWe will define the close relationship between the two writers andto a larger extentreveal the evolutionary trend of self-understanding among atheist writers at the turn of the 20th centuryas well as the important role that the Chinese culture plays in this trend

Keywords: Victor Segalen; Maurice Maeterlinck; image of the abyss; space of soul; death

The Chinese version appeared in Fudan Journal, 2018(06).




2019-02-25 09:51
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