Research on Influencing Factors of Green Technology Innovation in Resource - based Industries


2019-01-04 08:11

Peng Yuxin,Li Huajing
Resource Development & Market

Abstract: Green technology innovation became an important way for the transformation and upgrading of Chinas resource based industriesOn the basis of reviewing relevant literature, this paper proposed the theoretical models of the impact factors of green technology innovation in resource based industries, and selected panel data of 12 industries in resource based industries from 2007 to 2016 to empirically test the hypotheses in the theoretical modelThe results showed that financial support and environmental regulation in policy factors as well as market demand and sales performance in market factors had a significant positive impact on green technology innovation in resource based industries, and financial factors had a certain positive impact on themHoweverpublic perception factors had a negative impact on the green technology innovation of resource based industriesOn the basis, this paper put forward relevant countermeasures and suggestions, which had important guiding significance for promoting the improvement of Chinas resource based industrys green technology innovation capability

Key words: resource based industries; green technology innovation; policy factor; market factor; cognitive factor; financial factor

The Chinese version appeared in Resource Development Market, 2018(12).



2019-01-04 04:12
The Publicity of Literary Interpretation and Its Problematic Domain