The Publicity of Literary Interpretation and Its Problematic Domain


2019-01-03 05:54

Zeng Jun;Xin Mingshang
Fudan Journal

Abstract: The interpretation of literary meaning is a basic problem in literary theory. From the general characteristics ofinterpretationto the unique connotation ofliterary interpretationit not only introduces a literary perspective into interpretationbut also opens up a wider theoretical space for the ideological activity of literary interpretationThe Western literary criticism in the 20th Century had experienced a macroscopic trend fromoutside literaturetoinside literatureand then again tooutside literatureThe publicity of literary interpretation is also embodied in the transformation from inside to outsideIt is necessary for literary interpretation to develop its problematic domain between individual interpretation and public interpretation and try to seek for the possibility of effective interpretationthat is supposed to get prepared for the construction of contemporary Chinese literary discourse

Keywords: public interpretation; hermeneutics; individualized writing; effective interpretation

The Chinese version appeared in Fudan Journal, 2018(06).



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