The Poem Excerpts in Ru Shu Ji


2019-03-04 02:11

Liu Junjun

Abstract: There are many poem excerpts in Lu Yous famous travel notes Ru Shu Ji( 入蜀记) which becomes a remarkable feature of u Shu JiDuring travelLu You found lots of sites where old poems were bornand then illuminated them to secularize and refresh the poemsIn his travel notesold poems were quoted for various purposes and changeable situationPoem excepts in u Shu Ji had remarkable effect because Lu You not only expressed his opinion on the poems but also used them in his workOn the one handhe took advantage of local conveniences to revealed the creation background of ancient poetryannotated some wordsappreciated the beauty, and clarified long-lived misunderstandingsif anyof the poemsall of which were based on his own fieldwork and real experiencesOn the other handhe utilized ancient poems to enrich the historical level of the travel notesrectified some hearsayand presented a new perspective on all kinds of scenes he witnessedThrough studying the quotationexplication and use of ancient poems in Ru Shu Jiwe can find out the specific aspects and the actual situation in which Lu You was influenced by the ancient poemsas well as the relationship between prose and poetry

Key words: Ru Shu Ji(入蜀记) ; Lu You; poem excerpts; history; customs

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of China West Normal University, 2019(01).




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