Ancient Shu Civilization and the Origin of Tianfu Silk


2017-09-01 12:00

Tan Jihe
Forum on Chinese Culture

Abstract: Silk is an important symbol of civilization. It is the Chinese basic culture, after a long history of development, and gradually progress to the formation of civilization products. China is the originator of silk civilization. It is produced with the origin of Chinese civilization and the formation of the process of synchronization, but also multi-source. As the origin of Chinese civilization for the unity of the formation of the same pattern of Sky, silk civilization as early as the Neolithic Age there are several different origins of the region. Sichuan is also an important source of diverse silk civilizations. Since the Han and Tang dynasties, Sichuan, because of Shu Xiu,Shu Jin, lacquerware and other characteristics of merchandise trade and become an unique bright spot on the Silk Road. Historical experience has proved that Sichuan is inseparable from the Silk Road; the Silk Road is also inseparable from Sichuan. Today, "One Belt and One Road" national strategy system, Sichuan will also have a unique contribution.
Key words: Ancient Shu civilization; Tianfu silk; origin
The Chinese version appeared in Forum on Chinese Culture, 2017(04).


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