Studies on Countermeasures of Ecological Agriculture Development in Sichuan Tibetan Areas


2017-07-05 12:00

Jing Xiaowei,Lin Zhengyu,Li Xiao
Management of Agricultural Scien

Abstract: According to the analysis on the current situation of agricultural development in Sichuan Tibetan areas, existing problems in the development of ecological agriculture in Sichuan Tibetan areas were analyzed in the paper. Countermeasures were put forward, such as adhering to the ecological priority for sustainable development, highlighting the unique figures by taking the dislocation development, making scientific and reasonable layout based on the local conditions, improving the quality and effectiveness to upgrade the products, combining agriculture with tourism so as to promote the coordinated development for industries. These will provide theoretical bases for the development of ecological agriculture in Sichuan Tibetan areas.
Key words: Sichuan Tibetan areas; Ecological agriculture; Current situation of development; Existing problems; Countermeasures
The Chinese version appeared in Management of Agricultural Science and Technology, 2017(04).


2017-07-05 10:20
Introductory Research in Chinese Corridorology