The accounts of horses in connection with scientific technology and civilization in Chronicles of the Yi in Southwest China


2017-05-31 12:00

Wang Minggui
Journal of Yunnan Minzu Universi

Abstract: Chronicles of the Yi in Southwest China,the most important historical record in the Yi language,gives more accounts of horses than other Yi history books,the only one of this kind. Chronicles of the Yi in Southwest China gives a detailed description of the breeds and names of many well-known horses as well as their main features,and differentiates the main uses of horses in the Yi community.The records of the characteristics of these well-known horses in Chronicles of the Yi in Southwest China are consistent with some Chinese historical materials.What is recorded in this book is in line with the scientific theories of modern animal husbandry,such as a good choice of pedigrees and pure breeds of horses,especially preferable for well-known male parents and female parents with strong fecundity and in favor of careful hybridization to avoid inbreeding,which reflects a high-level horse breeding in ancient times and has much reference value to the study of the history of animal husbandry and scientific technology of southwest China in ancient times.
Key Words: horse; breeding and raising; scientific technology; Chronicles of the Yi in Southwest China
The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Yunnan Minzu University, 2017(01).


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