The Evolution of Ancient Tea -Horse Trail from the Perspective of Comparing Sino-Tibetan Languages

Based on a Comparison among the Chinese,Bai and Yi Languages


2017-01-11 12:00

Wang Feng

Abstract: Ancient Tea-Horse Trail was essentially a network connecting different cultural circles. This network kept evolving and developing and carried different implications in different periodsLinguistic correlation is good evidence for the formation of a cultural circleCognates embody the autogenous relations in genetics while loan words reflect the relations in contact and transmissionSome linguistic evidence related closely to the evolution of Ancient Tea-Horse Trail can be found by comparing Chinese with the Tibeto-Burman languages distributed in the key birthplaces of Ancient Tea-Horse TrailOn that basissome temporal dimensions in the evolution of the network of Ancient Tea-Horse Trail can be clarified by some age- dating methods in historical linguistics

Key words: Sino-Tibetan comparisonAncient Tea-Horse Trailevolutionage dating

The Chinese version appeared in Thinking, 2016(6).



2017-01-11 11:03
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