Xiao Tong’s Praise and Advocation of Tao Yuanming’s Thought on“Inherent Morality”and“Civilizing Education”


2022-05-18 02:12

Wang Wei,Ni Chao
The Central Plains Culture Resea

Abstract: From Eastern Jin Dynasty to Sui and Tang Dynasties, Poet Tao Yuanming was treated rather indifferently by the literary world. Xiao Tong was the only one to praise Tao Yuanming, because Xiao Tong, as heir to the throne, wanted to civilize society through Yuanming’s virtue. Specifically, Xiao Tong’s acceptance of Tao Yuanming is mainly reflected in three aspects. Firstly, Xiao Tong’s literary thought and proposition can be seen from the selection of Tao’s poems in Selections of Refined Literature. Secondly, the supplementary part of Tao Zhuan reflects Xiao Tong’s Confucian thought of “Act with integrity but speak with humility” and “father’s kindness and son’s filial piety”. Thirdly, the theme of Tao Xu is not Taoism, but “inherent virtue”. Xiao Tong’s Tao Zhuan and Tao Xu implied a crown prince’s thinking about the future governance, reflecting his acceptance and recognition of Tao Yuanming’s identity of“sage who live in seclusion”.

Key words:Xiao Tong; Tao Yuanming; Selections of Refined Literature; inherent virtue; civilizing education

The Chinese version appeared in The Central Plains Culture Research, 2022,10(02).



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