Dialectics of Closure and Opennes

Formation and Development of Tianfu Culture from the Perspecive of Historical Geography


2022-05-16 02:16

Zhu Jinchun
Journal of Chengdu University

Abstract: The formation and development of Tianfu culture,as a distinctive regional culture,is a historical and geographical process. The relatively closed geographical environment of Sichuan basin provides a stable social environment and rich material basis for the formation and development of Tianfu culture.The openness of communication with the outside world makes Tianfu culture have multiple elements,inclusive characters and innovative spirits.The closeness and openness constitute the dialectics of the formation and development of Tianfu culture.In the new era of all-round opening up,the development of Tianfu culture is faced with unprecedented superior historical and geographical conditions,which will make Tianfu culture last forever and be prosperous and colorful.

Key words: Tianfu culture; Historical geography; Sichuan Basin; Closure; Openness

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chengdu University, 2021,10.



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