The Logic Construction of Marx’s Anti-poverty Theory


2022-04-24 01:46

Zhu Yuan
Social Sciences in Yunnan

Abstract: Poverty  is  a  tough  issue  that  human  beings  have  been  seeking  to  solve. With the advancement  of  human  cognition  of  nature  and  self-awareness,  people  have  kept  on  understanding poverty  from  different  perspectives, discovering  its  roots  and  exploring  its  eradication. However, due  to  the  constraints  of  the  times, class  positions  and  other  factors,  there  is  still  no  complete  answer. Aiming  at  liberating  the  human  world  with  a  scientific  attitude  and  critical  spirit,  Marx  constructed a  scientific  anti-poverty  theory  on  the  three  dimensions  of  philosophical  foundation, logical  core and  value  scale,  and  achieved  a  revolutionary  change  in  anti-poverty  theory  in  human  history.

The Chinese version appeared in Social Sciences in Yunnan, 2022, (02).



2022-04-24 09:47
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