The Norm and Realization of De-Radicalization in the Constitutional Text


2021-06-25 01:52

Ren Lili,Cui Deqi
Journal of Xinjiang University

Abstract: the endeavor of de-radicalization is a practical need to implement a holistic approach to national security, a useful practice to promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity, and a powerful embodiment of safeguarding the implementation of the Constitution. China's de- radicalization work has been carried out under the rule of law, while the Constitution functions as the highest normative guidance and fundamental basis. This paper analyzes the relevant basic principles, institutions and provisions in the Constitutional text to interpret the constitutional basis for de-radicalization, aiming to regulate and guide the continuous promotion of de-radicalization under the rule of law and explore the path of constitutional implementation in the practice of de-radicalization, in the hope of providing a perspective of constitutional jurisprudence studies in the formulation and improvement of the institutional system of legislation and enforcement on de-radicalization.

Keywords: De-Radicalization, Constitutional Text, Constitutional Provisions Analysis, Constitutional Compliance, Constitutional Execution

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xinjiang University, 2021(07).



2021-06-25 09:52
On the Practice of the Social Governance Community in Xinjiang