On the Practice of the Social Governance Community in Xinjiang


2021-06-23 02:28

Li Lingling, Meng Fanli
Journal of Xinjiang University

Abstract: The community of social governance in Xinjiang is practiced on the basis of adhering to the overall leadership of the Communist Party of China and closely combining the integrated social governance mechanism and the "embedded" co-governance mode of ethnic groups. The model is the realization of The party's general plan of governing Xinjiang in the new era in the relatively actualized stable governance model and governance practice. To build up" a community of social governance of everyone, by everyone and for everyone" is the basis and requirement of the modernization of social governance. What is required is not only an integrated system of security, stability and development but a community of forging the social governance within. To sum up, in light of the requirements of the era, building up the "social governance community"shall focus on the ideological and cultural guidance, and the rule of Law in Xinjiang.

Keywords: Social Governance Community, Leadership of the Communist Party of China, Xinjiang, the Sense of Chinese National Community

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xinjiang University, 2021(07).



2021-06-23 10:28
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