Three-dimensional Analysis of Effectively Promoting Youth Party Construction

Based on Engels’Critique of the“Youth”of the German Social Democratic Party


2020-04-28 03:12

Chong Juan
Journal of University of Science

Abstract: In the new era, doing youth work well, representing youth and winning youth is a major historical issue facing our party and an important part of party building workIn his later years, Engels pointed out that the German Social Democratic Party syouthtreated Marxism in a dogmatic manner, trampled on the partys political life norms and made the violent view of the violent struggle absoluteCombining legal struggle with violent struggleA deep understanding of Engels criticism of the Youthof the German Social Democratic Party has important implications for the work of youth party building in the new era, that is, it is necessary to focus on theoretical guidance, cultivate young people to learn and use Marxism; strengthen the party organizations own construction and effectively Guide the work of youth well; use modern technology and methods to gather young people and increase the appeal of party organizations

Key words: youth party construction; three-dimensional perspective; Engels; German social democratic party; Youth

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2020(02).



2020-04-28 10:57
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