Research on Spatial Distribution and Influence Factors of Chinese Historic and Cultural Towns


2020-03-02 02:42

Zhao Rui, Shen Yuming
Journal of Capital Normal Univer

Abstract: Chinese historical and cultural towns have important research significance and utilization value, as the embodiment of Chinese history and culture, traditional customs and settlement evolutionIn this paper252 towns are selected as the research objects, using GIS tools such as the nearest neighbor analysis, nuclear density analysis the spatial distribution characteristics is analyzed and then the influencing factors is exploredThe study shows: Chinese historical and cultural towns are distributed in a centralized way. Famous towns are mainly distributed in the Sichuan basin and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze riverbut the distribution patterns of different types of famous towns are differentLandform, rivers, transportation and culture all have impacts on the distribution

Keywords: historic and cultural towns; spatial distribution; influence factors; GIS

The Chinese Version Appeared in Journal of Capital Normal University (12, 2019).




2020-03-02 10:43
A Restudy of the Research Paradigm of Historiography of Socio-scientization