A Restudy of the Research Paradigm of Historiography of Socio-scientization

Application of Anthropology to Historiography


2020-02-25 03:15

Li Jie
Journal of Yunnan University

Abstract: The application of anthropology to historiography is a key representation of the historiography of socio-scientizationBased on Morin’s scientific research paradigmthis paper discusses its major principlesmethodsconceptslogical thinking and academic valueIt uses case studies to expound the research paradigm in the application of anthropology to historiography and gives a comparative study and assessment of other research paradigms like those in historicism and sociology.

Keywords: major concepts; key concepts; key principles; case; assessment

The Chinese Version Appeared in Journal of Yunnan University (01, 2020)




2020-02-25 11:16
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