Innovation and Development of Cultural Industry in the Revolution of Digital Economy


2020-01-08 07:55

Fan Zhou
Journal of Shenzhen University

Abstract: At present, China’s economy has stepped into the new normal phase. Digital economy has become a new driving force for the development of cultural industry and a new growth point for cultural consumption, and an essential element for promoting supply-side structural reform in the cultural sector. The development of cultural innovation in the revolution of digital economy is characterized by technology-driven, innovation-centered, integration guided and talent-supported development, bringing about essential changes in social productive potential, knowledge reserve and so on. In this context, digital economy promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional cultural industries, and new technologies shifts from consumption to production, realizing the upgrading of all the elements of the industry, and prompting the appearance of new forms and models in the development of cultural innovation. In the face of the great historical opportunity of realizing digital transformation, the development of cultural innovation should still pay attention to the following issues: in terms of content supply, digital technology and cultural innovation should be coordinated to ensure the supply of high-quality original content and the improvement of the industrial chain. At consumption level, we should give consideration to the regional balanced development of network application and content supply, and turn digital divide into digital dividend. In terms of supervision, we should impose stronger regulation on the copyright of the content on the Internet, build an Internet cultural ecosystem and emphasize public participation in order to realize the digital revolution of cultural industry.

Key words: digital economy; digital cultural industry; Internet +; innovation of cultural industry; intelligentization; data driven

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Shenzhen University, 2020(01).


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