Review on Comparative Study of Marxist Economics in Past 70 Years Since the Foundation of China


2020-01-06 08:48

Song Yu, Bai Yuanyuan
Journal of Xi’an University of F

Abstract: Comparative study is an everlasting and important field in the study of Marxist economics. From the perspective of classification of comparative methodology in Marxist social sciences, comparative study can be divided into the comparison of parallel demonstration in economic theory, the comparison of differences in economic theory and the comparison of practice-oriented. Before the reform and opening-up, scholars focused on criticizing the bourgeois vulgar economics and the dialectical reference to classical economics in the comparison. However, after the reform and opening-up, the comparative study on Chinese Marxist economics has greatly deepened and innovated both in theory and method. Especially great achievements has been made in the comparative study of methodology, theoretical framework, theoretical application and value, production, distribution, unemployment and other specific theories. Looking forward to the future, the comparative study of contemporary Chinese Marxist economic needs to make efforts in the creative transformation of classical conceptual principles, and takes the development of political economy as the general principles in order to promote the comparative and comprehensive innovation of Chinese Marxist Economics in the 21st century.

Keywords: 70 years since the foundation of PRC; Marxist economics; Developing political economics

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xian University of Finance and Economics , 2020(01).



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