Research Hotspots and Frontiers of Micro-learning in the New Media Environment


2019-11-19 07:47

Modern Distance Education Resear

Abstract: With the development of Internet new media technology, the research on Microlearning is increasing year by year at home and abroad. Discussing the hotspot and frontier of Micro-learning is helpful to clarify the direction of relevant research development and deepening. Based on the retrieval of CNKI and Web of Science databases of China HowNet, this paper outlined the trend of related research at home and abroad since 2008 by using the method of literature analysis. By using the coword analysis method and SPSS software, the key words Coword matrix and its related matrix and dissimilarity matrix of new media research at home and abroad were establishedThrough cluster analysis and multi-dimensional scale analysis, combined with strategic coordinate analysis, the hot topics of Micro-learning were summarized. By using citespace, the knowledge network Atlas of “micro-learning”research was drawn, and the research frontier of “micro-learning”was discussed. The hot topics of domestic micro learning were divided into mobile learning resources, online education and learning behavior, while the hot topics a-broad include online learning and education, online learning strategies. And domestic micro learning research tended to be Professional, and micro learning research was closely integrated with online education under big data, while the research tended to be closely integrated with practical application. Therefore, these hotspots and frontiers could become the direction of further research and development.

Keywords: micro-learning; research hotspots; research frontier

The Chinese version appeared in Modern Distance Education Research, 2019(02).


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