Brief Review on the Development of Yangtze River Economic Zones Under the “New Normal” Background——Abstract of Keynote Speech in Yangtze River Economic Zones Summit


2019-09-25 03:12

Academic Periodical Office,Chongqing Technology and Business Uni

Abstract:Guidance to Promote the Development of the Yangtze River Economic Zones Relying on the Gold Waterway by the State Council was issued on Sept. 12,2014. The Central Economic Working Conference in December indicated that the overall strategy of Western Development,Northeast Revitalization,Central Rise and Eastern Leading should be continued implemented,and focus on the implementation of Three Strategies,i.e. “One Belt and One Road”Project,the Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Yangtze River Economic Zones Development. Although regional strategy and measures of Yangtze River economic zones development have been proposed since 1980 s of 20 thcentury,new concept,new mindset and new measure should be put forward for Yangtze River economic zones development under the “New Normal ”background. In order to research Yangtze River Economic Zones in-depth and in-width,and to contribute ideas and exert efforts for Yangtze River Economic Zones development,Yangtze River Economic Zones Summit was hold on Nov. 29,2014 by China 's Regional Economic Society and Chongqing Technology and Business University,where more than 30 leaders and experts from12 provinces and municipalities attended. To share with our readers,this issue excerpts the abstract of keynote speeches by 20 experts as follow.

Keyword:Yangtze River Economic Zones; the New Normal of Chinese economy; Gold Waterway; regional economic cooperation; industry transfer;new-type urbanization; integrated transportation system; innovation-driven; new highland of Reform and Opening-up; ecological civilization construction;



2019-09-25 11:11
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