A Brief Introduction to Li Bai's Research


2019-09-30 02:37

Zhan Furui
Journal of Xihua University

Abstract:Since the 20 th century, Li Bai's research has made great progress in the revision and collation of collected works, the year of poetry and prose, the compilation and selection of poetry anthologies, an overview study, life experience, ideological character, artistic achievements, poetry acceptance, classical research, popularization of works and appreciation of articles, and has achieved a series of creative academic achievements.There are not only the achievements of traditional basic research exceeding the past, but also the development of new research fields under the guidance of modern academic thought, as well as the prosperity of popular works and appreciative articles:these academic achievements have promoted the development and progress of Li Bai's research in many ways.

Keyword:Li Bai; version; life experience; the year of poetry and prose; artistic achievements; poetry acceptance; classic;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xihua University(Philosophy&Social Sciences), 2019(01). 



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