Countermeasures Research on Precise Poverty Alleviation of Rural Finance in Ethnic Minority Areas in Southwest Sichuan:In the case of Liangshan


2019-09-04 02:42

Yang Yongqing, Chen Lu
Journal of Xichang College

Abstract:The ethnic minority areas in Southwest Sichuan are important contiguous poverty areas in China, and they need to rely on financial poverty alleviation to tamp the foundation in precise poverty alleviation. Based on the real situation of precise supporting the poor in southwest minority areas of Sichuan, through the analysis of the current situation of rural financial support for agriculture in Liangshan, this paper analyzes the reasons for insufficient rural financial support for agriculture from the two aspects of financial institutions and poor rural households. Finally, the paper puts forward the policy recommendations of rural financial precision poverty alleviation from the three levels of the state government, financial institutions and farmers, in order to boost the poverty alleviation work and realize the strategy of achieving a moderately prosperous life at the same time in the minority areas of Southwest Sichuan.

Keyword:Southwest Sichuan; ethnic areas; rural finance; rural poor areas; financial precision poverty alleviation;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xichang University, 2017(03). 


2019-09-04 10:40
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