Review and Prospect of Du Fu's Research in the Past 100 Years


2019-07-24 08:16

Pan Shuxian, Zhang Zhilie
Journal of Xihua University

Abstract:The history of Du Fu's research in the past 100 years has generally gone through three major stages, namely, before the Republic of China, before the reform and opening up, and after the reform and opening up.There is no doubt that Du Fu's research reached its climax and peak after the reform and opening up with remarkable achievements.The achievements of Du Fu's research in the past 100 years can be summarized as follows:Du Fu's poems, texts and Du Fu's related materials;studies on Du Fu's life, thoughts and personality;Du Fu's poetic art:Du Fu's literary thought and criticism of poetics; Du Fu's study, inheritance and comment on the literature and culture of the former dynasties;Du Fu's acceptance and dissemination by later generations, as well as the appreciation, popularization and inheritance of Du Fu's poems;comparative study; studies on Du Fu and his poems abroad; the cultural study of Du Fu and his poems; the construction of Du Fu studies and his poetics; overview of various research; the construction of team, platform and position about Du Fu's research.However, some problems exist in Du Fu's research.Repeated research is one of the major points.The aspects that need to be expanded are: 1) the collation of a large number of documents such as annotation and notes of Du poetry in Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties;2) the collation and research of a large number of literature materials, such as poems, speeches and notes of Du Fu and his poems in Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties;3) are view of Du Fu's studies in outside China;4) the expansion of research methods and perspectives;5) the popularization, inheritance and promotion of Du Fu culture and spirit under the popular vision.

Keyword:in the past 100 years; Du Fu's studies; review; prospect;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xihua University, 2019(01).



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