My Analysis to the Essence and Significance of Cultural Self-confidence


2019-06-26 08:28

Qi Weiping
The Central Plain Culture Resear

AbstractRoad self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence and institutional self-confidence belong to the category of politics, while the cultural self-confidence belongs to the category of ideologies. As the soul of the state and the national spirit, it is not only its spirit, but also its value. Culture is not only a historical thought, but also a model for the future orientation. Different from the road, theoretical, institutional self-confidence, cultural self-confidence has a fundamental significance, because the culture itself is the leading one in spiritual realm. In the final analysis, cultural self-confidence is the value of confidence, because it is from the spiritual level to reflect the value of a nation's identity. To a certain extent, the cultural self-confidence is the identification of the national value. The road self-confidence is implementation path, the theory of confidence is the guide to action, system confidence is the fundamental guarantee and cultural confidence is the power foundation. “Four-confidence”are unified in the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics. For road confidence, theoretical and system confidence, cultural confidence is conducive to build a psychological identity, mine wealth, create a practice atmosphere, to maintain political concentration.

Keyword: cultural self-confidence;four-confidence ; value identity; inherent connection; governance;

The Chinese version appeared in The Central Plain Culture Research, 2016(05).


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