Analysis of Quality Differentiation Measurement in Higher Education in China and Its Effect on Regional Economic Growth


2019-06-25 08:10

Nie Juan, Xin Shibo
China Soft Science

AbstractThe development of higher education has become an important means to improve the quality of labor and realize the economic and social development in China, but the gap of higher education in the region has continued to expand.Taking the quality of regional higher education in China as the research object, the difference of higher education quality in each province is analyzed by using the ranking data of Chinese universities in 2017. Based on the relationship between higher education quality and economic development, the causes of regional differences in higher education quality are explored and analyzed. According to the C-D production function model, the contribution rate of higher education to economic growth in 31 regions is calculated, and the differences in the effect of regional higher quality level on economic growth are discussed. Aiming at the problem of unbalanced development of higher education quality in China, combined with the development requirements and trends of higher education in our country, we propose suggestions and strategies for the internal coordinated development of higher education that suit China's national conditions.

Keywordthe quality of higher education; differentiation analysis; economic growth; effect analysis;

The Chinese version appeared in China Soft Science, 2018(11).




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