Research on the Countermeasures of Targeted Poverty Alleviation with Tourism under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization——An Empirical Study Based on Tourism Data of Sichuan Province


2019-05-22 08:36

Lan Hong Hu Yingjie Xiong Xuepeng
West Forum

Abstract[Purpose/Significance] The report of the 19th National Congress of CPC put forward the strategy of rural revitalization, which fully embodies the high attention and good wishes of the Central Party Committee for rural revitalization.Targeted poverty alleviation with tourism is an innovative way to realize rural revitalization.[Method/Process] Under the background of Rural Revitalization Strategy in China, this paper sorts out the definition and related theories of poverty alleviation with tourism, and analyzes the GDP and tourism income of Sichuan Province from 2001 to 2016 by co-integration test and Granger causality test.[Result/Conclusion] The empirical results show that there is a long-term equilibrium and one-way causal relationship between tourism development and economic growth in Sichuan Province.According to the differences of the effect of poverty alleviation with tourism, the paper puts forward relevant suggestions for Sichuan tourism poverty alleviation based on the above analysis:giving full play to the leading role of the government, developing high-end green industry, innovating tourism consumption mode, strengthening the construction of rural culture and civilization.

Keywordrural revitalization; tourism industry; targeted poverty alleviation; Sichuan Province;

The Chinese version appeared in West Forum 2019(01).


2019-05-22 04:36
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