Multidimensional poverty and technical efficiency of coarse cereals production:Based on the micro-data analysis of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture


2019-05-16 08:32

XU Tao SHI Yuxing CHIEN Hsiaoping QIAO Dan ZHAO Minjuan
Journal of Chongqing University(

Abstract: Based on the data of buckwheat growers in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, this paper uses the stochastic frontier production function model to analyze the technical efficiency of coarse cereals production in poverty-stricken areas.On the basis of defining and dividing the different poverty dimensions, this paper further reveals the relationship between poverty and coarse cereals production efficiency.The results show that the average technical efficiency of buckwheat production was 0.814, and there is still room for further improvement in the utilization efficiency of the input factors.Acreage, fertilizer and labor input has significant positive effects on buckwheat yield.In the income poverty dimension, income level has significant positive impacts on buckwheat production technical efficiency.In the ability poverty dimension, farmers educational level, health and social capital have significant positive impacts on the buckwheat production technical efficiency.We should focus on the R&D and promotion of small farm machinery and equipment which is suitable for hilly mountain areas, and increase the intensity and scope of financial subsidies, so as to improve the mechanized application level of coarse cereals growers.Also, we should increase the investment in breeding new varieties of coarse grain, and guide farmers to adopt efficient planting and fertilization techniques.For extreme poverty-stricken areas, we should excavate the potential of the Late-mover advantage of coarse cereals industry, and actively grasp the historic opportunity brought by the national strategy of Targeted Poverty Alleviation. In addition, we must not only pay attention to material and economic assistance, but also pay attention to improving the intelligence of difficult groups, so as to raise the quality of poverty alleviation and establishing a long-term mechanism.

KeywordTargeted Poverty Alleviation; multidimensional poverty; coarse cereals production; technical efficiency; stochastic frontier function; buckwheat

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chongqing University(Social Science Edition), 2019(02).



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