Three Aspects of Dong Zhongshu’s Thought of Reform


2019-04-23 01:34

Huang Bo
Jianghan Academic

Abstract: Dong Zhongshus reform thought includes both theoretical construction and practical conception. Specificallyits content has three aspectsfirstthe new rulers reform thought based on the idea that the emperor must accept the guidance of the heavensecondConfucius reform theory that is established through a creative interpretation of the Chunqiu Scriptureand thirdthe Han Dynastys conception of reform that revolves around change in face of the social reality of the early Western Han Dynasty. These three aspects are closely related. The new rulers reform thought has laid a theoretical foundation for the Confucius reform theorythe two theoriesone with the authority of the heaven and the other with the authority of Confuciusjointly illustrate the necessity and rationality of the reform of the Han Dynasty on the theoretical level.

Key wordsDong ZhongshureformConfuciuschange

The Chinese version appeared in Jianghan Academic, 2019(02).


2019-04-23 09:39
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