The Ideological and Political Education of China and the United States


2019-04-22 02:41

Yan Yuanyuan,Yan Xianjiang
Journal of Higher Education

Abstract: As representatives of different social systems, the ideological and political education of China and the United States has its common characteristics, both of which have class and politics; practicality and service; and also pay attention to discipline and integration. Of course, there are also differences. The ideological and political education in China mainly adopts the method of theoretical indoctrination, which is direct and explicit education; while the American ideological and political education has distinctive features such as concealment, penetration and figuration. Rationally analyze and compare the characteristics of Sino-US ideological and political education, and draw useful educational experience to help the sustainable development of China's ideological and political education in the new era.

Keywords: China; United States; ideological and political education; characteristics; comparison

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Higher Education, 2019(08).


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