Research on the Endogenous Construction Path of Rural Revitalization


2019-03-19 08:17

Qu Kunfei,Zuo Ting
Journal of Southwest University

Abstract: The essence of rural revitalization on is to rely on the deep participation of rural self-organization and to realize the overall change of the village through industrial upgrading. This is consistent with the rational logic of the village community. The tool function of repeated game, complete information and effective restriction in the village community rationality not only reduced the supply cost of rural public goods, but also helped to establish a cooperative organization with close interests and laid a foundation for rural revitalization. The village community rationality with blood relationship and village community cultural identity has a protective characteristic in governance, which is conducive to deep participation of the village and sustainable development. The characteristics and vague interests of the acquaintance society in the village community rationality enables the village to resolve the external economic risks through internalization mechanism, exerting positive effects on rural industrial upgrading. Effectively exerting the function of village community rationality in rural revitalization is also of great significance to promote the modernization of state governance capacity.

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Southwest University, 2019(01).


2019-03-19 04:18
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