Practice and Creativity of Education Balance Development in the“9 + 3”Free Secondary Vocational Educaton in Ganzi Tibetan Area in Sichuan Province


2019-03-18 07:22

Zhang Qi,Zhao Wentao
Vocational Technology

Abstract: 9 + 3( 9 years compulsory education plus 3 years free secondary vocational education) in Tibetan area of Sichuan province is an innovation strategy to achieve vocational education balance development in Sichuan provinceAs the economic endogenous variable in Tibetan area of Sichuan province, it will improve the state of poor educational resource, realize the movement in space and re allocation of the resource, realize the balance development of education among areas and innovate the practical application of education balance theoryThe article used empirical analysis, with the9 + 3free secondary vocational education in Garza as the objective, and evaluated the innovation and practice of the trans regional education cooperation to demonstrate its effect on optimized educational structure, educational equity and sustainable development for the education in Tibetan areaThereforeit is necessary to evaluate the innovation and practice on the cross area education cooperation for the further development and spread

Keywords: education balance; vocational education; 9 + 3free secondary vocational education

The Chinese version appeared in Vocational Technology, 2018(12).


2019-03-18 03:23
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