The Historical Consciousness of Shakespeare’s Plays


2019-01-22 02:14

Zhou Tao
Fudan Journal

Abstract: It is acknowledged academically that the sixteenth and the seventeenth centurieswhich Shakespeare experiencedwere named in three ways: early Modernlate Medieval Agesand the transition from middle ages to modern timesThereforethree chronological sequential positions are set for Renaissance when defining Shakespeare as a Renaissance Artist: Shakespeare belongs to early Modernlate Medieval Ages and follows the transition from middle ages to modern timesThese chronological sequences reflect three different kinds of historical consciousness in Shakespeares plays about the relation between Medieval Ages and Renaissance: separatedcontinuous or neitherThis essay will explore the interactive relation of holiness and secularity in Shakespeares plays from a historical consciousness perspective

Keywords: holiness; secularity; separated; continuous; space-time art; acting

The Chinese version appeared in Fudan Journal , 2018(06).




2019-01-22 10:15
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