Nuclear Energy Cooperation in the Silk Road Economic Belt and Its Significance to Global Governance

China-Kazakhstan Cooperative Uranium Reserves Exploitation as an Example


2019-01-16 07:19

Xu Haiyan
Fudan Journal

Abstract: The construction of Belt and Road is confronted with the structural challenges of how to close combine the interests of China and that of countries along BR as well as to achieve market interestspolicy benefits and governance effectiveness all togetherUranium reserves in Central Asia play an indispensable role in the world energy Structure. This paper discusses the bright future of China-Kazakhstan nuclear energy cooperation in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt and its significance to global governanceThis paper points out that by adhering to the concept of“Jointly build the Silk Road Economic Beltdevelop a community of shared future with surrounding countries and areas”following a“righteousness-prior”cooperative principle of mutual benefitsmeanwhile with the support of frontier technology in nuclear energy developmentChinese companies have taken the lead in successfully establishing joint ventureswhich produce high-end uranium products — uranium fuel rodswhich won out in the fierce competitionIts innovative demonstration significance is as follows: firstto support economic globalization and integrate mutually beneficial cooperation into the community of common destiny is the strategic basis for China to win out in the complex competitive environment; secondthe integration of the concept of global governance and cutting edge high technologies is an important innovative way to promote the building of a community of shared future for mankindThis paper also proposes that in the near and long termnuclear energy and renewable energy should be developed in an inclusive wayand that the development of nuclear power and agricultural modernization should be linkedThis case will provide valuable experience for promoting the construction of Belt and Road and the implementation of China’s version of the concept of global governance in the context of structural adjustment of the international economic system and great power economic game

Keywords: nuclear energy in Central Asia; a new start in energy development; the leading role of China

The Chinese version appeared in Fudan Journal , 2018(06).




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