Study on the Comprehensive Evaluation of New Urbanization Level in Sichuan Province


2017-09-12 12:00

JING Zhi-hui,LIU Yang,GUO Qian-qian,CHEN Chao,CHEN Ke-yu
Journal of Sichuan Agricultural

Abstract: 【Objective】To carry out comprehensive evaluation of the New urbanization level in 2013 for 21 prefecture-level cities and states in Sichuan Province.【Method】Based on the analysis of the connotation of new type urbanization,two-levels evaluation index system was established including 8 aspects as following:population and urban development,urban and rural over all development,urban environment,urban economy,urban culture,urban public service urban management and social security. And the entropy method and the multiple index comprehensive evaluation models were applied.【Results】On the general development level,Chengdu and Panzhihua were the highest;on the urban population and development, Chengdu was the highest;on the urban and rural overall development,Chengdu and Panzhihua were relatively higher;on the urban environment construction,Luzhou was the highest; on the urban economic development,Chengdu,Panzhihua,and Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture were relatively higher;on the urban cultural construction,Panzhihua was the best;on the urban public services,Chengdu was the best;on the urban management level,Guangyuan and Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture were the best,on the construction of social security,Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture was the highest.【Conclusion】According to the above evaluation results,the countermeasures and suggestions were put forward to improve the level of new urbanization in Sichuan province.
Key words: Sichuan province;new urbanization;Comprehensive evaluation
The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Sichuan Agricultural University, 2017(03).




2017-09-12 10:52
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