An Economic Analysis of College Students’Entrepreneurial Intention and Influencing Factors

Taking Chengdu University as an Example


2017-08-30 12:00

Zeng Zhu, Li Jun
Journal of Finance and Economics

Abstract: Through questionnaire survey and visiting survey,this article carries on the investigation of college students business startups intention in Chengdu University,and makes an empirical analysis on the influencing factors of college students’ entrepreneurial intention by using SPSS17.0 software. The results of Chi-square test and Logistic multifactor regression analysis show that many factors,such as the college students’ gender,personality, perception of entrepreneurial environment,understanding of business startups policies and so on,have significant effect on college students’ entrepreneurial intention. While other factors,such as grade,major,native place,family income and so on,have a little impact on entrepreneurial intention. The entrepreneurial intention of those or having friends with entrepreneurial experience are higher. The current college students generally believe that business startups require a unique vision,innovation ability,being good at communication,making good use of network resources. Most college students think entrepreneurship can be obtained from part-time job and internship experience.Some think the working experience in the school activities and business competition is also helpful for cultivating one’s experience.It is generally believed that entrepreneurship education of college students is very necessary. However,most students are not enough to understand current entrepreneurship support policies by government and school,and their degree of satisfaction is low.

Key words: college students entrepreneurship; influencing factors; economic analysis

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Finance and Economics Theory, 2017(01).


2017-08-30 11:18
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