New Dual-track Governance

The Old System and the New Normal State of China 's Rural GovernanceA Study on the Practice of Rural Governance in G,S,S and H


2017-07-03 12:00

Wang Xiangyang
Journal of Gansu Administration

Abstract: Based on the investigation of the practice of rural governance in Guangdong Qingyuan,Sichuan, Chengdu,Shanghai Jiading and Henan Zhumadian,this paper aims to discuss the connotation, type and logic of the new dual track management from the perspective of empiricism. The research shows that with the continuous advancement of the state power construction,the national basic ability is enhanced,the village community integration ability is declining,  and the regional difference is bigger,the new double track management is born. In the local government resource flow size,the strength of the village structure, the density of village density and other comprehensive role,the rural governance showed a weak administrative-strong village community village autonomy, strong government - strong village of coupling, strong government-weak village of administrative integration and the weak village - weak administrative of the maintenance ,and so on. But it is different from the argument of the dualistic opposition between the western countries and the society. To promote the establishment of and optimize the national supply and the needs of the village between the upper and lower flow of the coupling between the structure,  should be the new era of rural governance Strategic Choice.
Key words: New Dual-Track governance;Village Autonomy;Coupled Co-governance;Administrative integration;Maintenance;Classification
The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Gansu Administration Institute, 2017(02).


2017-07-03 09:58
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