The Armed Forces and The Great Cause of China’s Foundation

the Army Representatives of the First Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference ( CPPCC ) and Their Political Influence


2021-03-24 08:33

Gao Minzheng
Theory and Reform

Abstract: “The CPPCC has made a significant contribution to the establishment of New China. ” The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has also contributed significantly to the convening of the CPPCC as well as the founding of New China. The PLA was not only the preparator of the new CPPCC, but also an momentous organizer and participant of the first CPPCC. The preparatory meeting for the first CPPCC consisted of 134 members from 23 units, among which the PLA was one of the units with the most members of the preparatory committee. The first CPPCC representatives included not only a number of famous generals and marshals, but also many epic combat heroes, and the PLA delegates were big stars in the first CPPCC. Among the first CPPCC delegates, there were also a group of notable special ones, namely uprising and surrendering personnel from the Kuomintang army. To a certain extent, the presence of a large number of military delegates in the first CPPCC clearly and fully demonstrated the important position and positive role of the armed forces in the regime construction of the new republic.

KeywordsThe 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPCThe PLAthe CPPCCNewChinaArmed forcesMilitary politics

The Chinese version appeared in Theory and Reform, 2021(03).



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