Maintaining the Correct and Evolving the New

Basic Follows of Patriotism Education in Colleges and Universities


2021-02-04 06:45

Lan Meirong,Li Hui
Journal of Beijing University of

Abstract: Patriotism education is not only the main content of ideological and political education in colleges and universities,but also its research focus.Maintaining the correct and evolving the new is the basic principle of patriotism education in colleges and universities.The high unity of loving China,party and socialism is the core content of maintaining the correct patriotism education. In terms of content innovation, the patriotism education in colleges and universities should adhere to the education of correct historical view,ethnic view,national view and cultural view as its value orientation,and abide by the dialectical evolution from “loving motherland” to “loving state”; in terms of path innovation,the patriotism education in colleges and universities take safeguarding national unity and ethnic harmony as the focus and foothold to strengthen the national identity of young people,deepen cultural implication to nourish patriotism spiritual home with cultural confidence,and carry forward national feelings to stimulate their historical mission and responsibility.

Key words: maintaining the correct and evolving the new; colleges and universities; Patriotism education; ideological and political education

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Beijing University of Technology, 2021(03).



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