The Academic Situation and Opportunities of Chinese Political Science Research


2021-01-25 02:43

Zhao Ji
Journal of University of Science

Abstract: Political science is an important supporting discipline of philosophy and social science.The core of political science responds to the important issues of national development and governance.Facing the urgent need of the times for Chinese theory,it is necessary to analyze the basic academic situation of the development of political science.Based on the basic information of the political scientist We Chat public platform,this paper analyzes the basic situation of the current academic development of political science.At present,the research on normative political theory,history of political thought and history of institution is decreasing,while the research on comparative politics,grassroots politics and quantitative politics is developing rapidly.On this basis,the paper puts forward the possible challenges in the development of political science,which requires the innovation of political science from the aspects of developing political theory, retrieving administrative science,and strengthening the advantages of Chinese political research.

Key words: political science; normative political theory; administrative science; Zhengzhixueren

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2020(12).



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