Times Value and Path Choice of Building up the Consciousness of Chinese National Community in the New Era


2021-01-13 08:56

Xin Yuekai
Journal of Huizhou University

Abstract: The concept of “strengthening the sense of community of the Chinese nation”was formally written into the party constitution at the 19th National Congress of the Party. It has become the core essence and realization direction for the party and the state to further carry out national work in the new era. China is a sovereign nation based on the national identity to the country. It is of great value and strategic significance for the Party and the state to vigorously promote the progressive development of the cause of national unity,to strive to realize the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the modernization of state governance,and calmly respond to the profound impact brought about by the unprecedented changes in the world in a century. At present,the strategic game between the world's major powers is intensifying in an all-round way,and we are in a new era of deepening reform in an all-round way,in the face of the complicated situation at home and abroad,the construction and consolidation of the community consciousness of the Chinese nation also faces many challenges. Therefore,we should actively explore and consolidate the effective way of building the Chinese national community consciousness from the ideological,economic,institutional and public opinion bases.

Key words: the New Era; consciousness of Chinese national community;timesvalue

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Huizhou University, 2020(08).



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