The Formation Logic of the Peole's Subjectivety of Xi Jinping's Theory in the New Era


2020-07-28 02:42

Hu Jinyu
Journal of Xi’an University of F

Abstract: The people-oriented theory is an important part of Xi Jinpings thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. It has its own inherent logic of theory, history, It is the theoretical logic to inherit and develop the Marxist view of mass history and Mao Zedong’s Mass Line Theory, and the historical logic to continuously explore the characteristics and topics of the era of “how to realize the fundamental interests of the people”, the scientific summary and reflective response to the development of the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era is its practice logic, and the creative transformation and innovative development of the Chinese excellent traditional culture is its en law of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Xi Jinping’s theory of the subject of the people is an organic unity of history and logic.

Keywords: Xi Jinping; people’s subjectivity; the mass line theory; traditional culture

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xian University of Finance and Economics, 2020(08).



2020-07-28 10:41
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