Cultivate the Value Orientation of the Rule of Law in the New Era with the Traditional Humanistic Spirit


2020-07-13 03:24

Yang Dong
Journal of Ningbo University

Abstract: In the course of thousands of years of history, the Chinese nation has nurtured and formed such spiritual concepts as “education in harmony”“unity of man and nature”“harmony but difference”, which still have a profound impact on the public. We should interpret the long-standing traditional humanistic spirit with the principle of developing and discarding innovation in a modern way, draw spiritual nourishment from it, and cultivate the collectivism principle, the orientation of family and country, the orientation of people centeredness, the requirement of common sense, the idea of equality for all, and the orientation of reasonable competition of the value of the rule of law in the new era.

Keywords: traditional humanistic spirit, new era, value of rule of law, neutralization and position education, unity of man and nature, harmony with difference

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Ningbo University, 2020(07).



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