Revival and Renewal of Critical Sociology of Elite


2020-02-19 03:02

Lv Peng, Fu Fan
Jianghai Academic Journal

Abstract: The sociology of elitein particular its critical traditionis experiencing a revivallargely due to the expanding inequality in the Western world and consequent social movementsThanks to increasingly divergent data and new methodssociology of elite today has been managing to reshape its analytical frame and subjects by focusing more intensively on the Super Elite and the Minority EliteNetwork analysis and class analysis have also been improvedwith more reflective researchers by using quantitativequalitativeand hybrid methodology. Following the historical stream of elite studies in sociologythis article systematically reviews contributions and flaws of these newly emerging theoretical and methodological worksand provides a primarily discussion on how Chinese scholars could renewal their works on elites in the Chinese context

The Chinese Version Appeared in Jianghai Academic Journal(01, 2020).



2020-02-19 11:04
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