Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone: Target Model and Policy support


2019-11-06 02:50

Zhi Yan, Luo Changyuan
Fudan Journal

Abstract:The construction of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone has entered its fourth year, and the main economic indicators are prominent. In the areas of business registration, foreign investment access, trade facilitation and financial innovation, major progress has been made, and the measures it has taken are being replicated and promoted across the country. In view of the new changes in the global trading environment, Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone can learn from the SAR Model, the Pudong Model, the TPP Model and the BIT Model. From the perspective of the central government, we need to consider the compatibility of the FTA strategy with other strategies, reduce the planned economy attributes of negative list, as well as establish other types of reform areas. From the perspective of Shanghai, the construction of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone should face the Pacific Ocean and the world. Facing the Pacific Ocean is to consider the possibility that the TPP of eleven countries puts into practice. Facing the world is to take into account the possibility that BIT negotiation with the United States and the European Union will be restarted on some day.

Keyword:Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone; target model; policy support;

The Chinese version appeared in Fudan Journal(Social Sciences Edition), 2018(02)



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