The Image of the Confucius Institute in Foreign Media Reports


2019-10-24 06:23

Ye Ying
Journal of Sichuan University

Abstract:Since the initiation of the Confucius Institute program, critical remarks have been heard once in a while, questioning its aim and fearing that it would distort Western academic freedom. This paper investigates foreign media reports, especially those in the United States, concerning the program. It argues that, though not all foreign media reports sing praises of it, those expressing negative voices form only a small portion. On the whole, the program is well accepted around the world.

Keyword:Confucius Institute; Soft Power; Chinese Language Craze; education expenditure; academic freedom; political propaganda;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Sichuan University(Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 2015(03).


2019-10-24 02:25
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