A Study on the Evaluation of Sustainable Competitiveness of Cities in West China


2019-05-31 08:04

Deng Ling, Hu Shuangmei
Journal of Sichuan University

AbstractUrban sustainable competitiveness is an expansion of urban competitiveness in the time dimension.It is a state in which the city has the ability to reach and maintain a dominant position for a long period of time in competition with other cities under market conditions.The urban sustainable competitiveness in West China is generally weak.The differences in the sustainable competitiveness of cities between different provinces are relatively large, showing a clear fault structure.Due to the constraints of economic size and opening levels, the competitiveness of cities in the western region is insufficient.The urban ecological environment in the Northwest China is more sustainable than in the Southwest.Social sustainability shows a polarization trend.At present, using urban agglomerations as a carrier to promote the development of large and medium-sized cities, relying on the One Belt and One Road strategy to increase the level of openness, strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, and strive to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas are the key to enhancing the sustainable competitiveness of the western region.

Keyword: cities; sustainable competitiveness; analysis of competitiveness; West China;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Sichuan University 2019(01).



2019-05-31 04:03
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