Inclusive Finance in Poverty Governance


2019-04-26 01:59

Gao Chuansheng,Li Hua
Jianghan Academic

Abstract: While the world is seeking inclusive developmentChina has again launched thebattle to fight against poverty. To increase the effectiveness of poverty alleviationwe must further improve our approaches for poverty governance. Multiple causes and different types of poverty naturally result in various policy appeals. As finance is an important medium in resource distributionan inclusive financial system needs to be established to respond to these appeals. Inclusive finance is not only good for classified poverty governance but also for a better coordinated governance among the governmentmarket and social sectors. This will encourage more social resources in various ways to involve in the alleviation effortsstimulate the aid recipients enthusiasm and sense of responsibilitiesand avoid problemssuch as moral risksthat tend to be caused by gratuitous assistance. To create more favorable conditions for a classified and coordinated poverty governancewe need to constantly innovate our measureslearn from successful international practices, push forward thedelegating power and optimizing servicecomprehensive reformand speed up the development of inclusive finance.

Key wordspoverty governanceinclusive financesocial assistancedevelopment- oriented poverty reliefinclusive developmentcollaborative governance

The Chinese version appeared in Jianghan Academic, 2019(04).


2019-04-26 09:59
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