Reverse Coercion and Resistance of Reverse Coercion

Research on Relationship Between State and Society in Precision Poverty Alleviation


2019-03-21 02:11

Jin Jiangfeng
Journal of Northwest A&F Univers

Abstract: Through the investigation of precision poverty alleviation in T county of Guizhou and C county of Henan, the study found that in the grass roots practice of the accurate poverty alleviation policy, due to the inertia of the bureaucracy system such as shirking responsibility, rigid obedience and fuzzy governance, the grass roots policy flexibility, policy suspension and marginal people profit problems forced the local government to carry out the reform of the poverty alleviation system mechanism. Out of political pressure and social pressure, the local government has integrated the institutional strength and social strength by means of movement governance, recreated the organizational structure and identification process of accurate poverty alleviation, and effectively realized the innovation of poverty alleviation system and mechanism and the rectification of poverty alleviation policies in the process pf anti-reverse pressure. The changing process of precision poverty alleviation from non precision to precision fundamentally reflects the shortcomings of top down system certification and bottom up social certification in the governance of countries in transition. It is necessary to integrate the system and social forces and establish a system-society cross certification model in order to improve the national certification capacity and realize precision poverty alleviation. National certification capacity is the foundation of national basic capacity. The benign interaction between system and social forces in the construction of national certification capacity in helpful to explore the practical path of modern national capacity building from the perspective of mutual benefit between national and social cooperation.

Keywords: precision poverty alleviation; reverse coercion and resistance of reverse coercion; state and society; system-society cross certification; national capacity

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Northwest A&F University, 2019(01).


2019-03-21 10:13
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